Sunday, 24 June 2012

Contents of the book: Asian Economic Review

Asian Economic Review, (1990) VOLUME 32, Issue 1 

639   Economic Stagnation in Papua New guinea, Manner, H.G, p. 1
640   Demographic Trends and the Impact of Family Welfare Programmes in India,
N. Lingamurthy and S. Vijay Kumar p. 45.
641   Accountability in Indian Education: Conceptual Framework and Issues, Prahlad, Kumar, p. 77
642   Determinants of FDI in Pacific -- Rim Developing Countries, Agarwal, J.P. p. 83.
643   Agricultural Development in Kerala from 1800 AD to 1956 AD: A Bibilography Eassy, Prakash, B.A, p. 101.
644   Size of Farm, Intensity of Land Use and Irrigation in (Sindh) Pakistan, Wasim, Mohammad Pervez, p. 129.
645   Tenure-Size Relationship with Productivity in Pakistan Agriculture: A Case Study of Newabshah Sind, Ahmed, Qazi Massod, p. 153.

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